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India is a synonym of diversity and possesses the rich heritage. The perfect blend of religions, customs, languages and traditions is reflected in the prosperous heritage of the nation. The country is a treasury of art, philosophy, architecture, classic dances, flora, fauna, music and much more. The heritage sites of one of the oldest civilizations make it a must visit place for passionate travelers. The culture, encompassing of music, art, dance, festivals, customs, languages and cuisines, is the best way to understand the incredible heritage of the country.

To get close to this amazing heritage of architecture, temples, shrines, palaces and archaeological sites, we design the tours which leave you with the experience of heritage sites and a chance to meet indigenous tribes’ people and sample their traditions that you will embellish throughout your life.

    • All-inclusive itinerary planning by our travel experts.
    • One point of contact for all school trips.
    • Detailed Trip Notes relevant to each itinerary.
    • All trips are accompanied by a dedicated & skilled Group Leader.
    • All trips are subject to internal risk assessments by our Health and Safety Team.
    • All trips are operated in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner.
    • Follow the international safety code of conduct during our tour operations